Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Healthy Holiday Sides

Minimize the damage of your Thanksgiving calorie-fest by incorporating some of these healthy side dishes into the menu. Each provides less than 150 calories per serving.

Harvest Salad
5 cups apples, chopped
1 cup celery, chopped
1 cup raisins
1 cup mandarin oranges, drained
1 cup walnuts or pecans
1 cup light mayonnaise
Mix all well. Chill at least 6 hours.
Nutrition info: 128 calories per ½ cup. Simple, nutritious, and a great source of fiber!

Cornbread Dressing 
3 cups crumbled cornbread muffins
2 cups chicken broth
1 large white onion
¼ tsp. black pepper
1 cup bread crumbs or 1 cup high fiber bread crumbled
3 stalks celery, finely chopped
2 egg whites
½ tsp sage or poultry seasoning
Combine all ingredients in a mixing bowl. Spoon into a nonstick spray treated baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees in the oven for 45 minutes.
Nutrition info: 8 one half cup servings at 120 calories each.

Orange Yams
2 pounds yams or sweet potatoes
1 tbl. honey
Juice of 2 medium oranges
1 tbl. margarine
Salt, pepper, nutmeg to taste
Rinse the yams. Fill a pot with enough water to cover the yams.
Boil until tender. Place yams in cold water and slip off the skins. Mash the yams. Blend in remaining ingredients. Spoon into a casserole dish spayed with non stick spray. Bake at 325 degrees for 40 minutes until golden.
Nutrition info: provides 8 one half cup servings at 120 calories each.

Mini Pumpkin Muffins (with just 2 ingredients!)
1 cake mix, carrot or spice and 1 15 oz can pumpkin puree.
Mix together by hand until you see no dry mix. Spoon into a mini muffin tin. Bake for 15 -18 minutes at a preheated 350 degree oven.
Nutrition info: makes 24 mini muffins at 80 calories each.

Recipes and nutrition information provided by:

Denice Taylor, Registered Dietitian

Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital

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