About this blog

Being Mom.

What's it like for you?

It's a round-the-clock job and a roller coaster. You're a juggling act, personal chauffeur, diplomat, first-aid administerer, tutor, disciplinarian, risk assessor, and shoulder to cry on.

You're a think-on-your-feet, play-it-by-ear, knight in shining armor with a wet wipe in one hand and a PB&J in the other.

This blog is dedicated to the experience of being Mom. We want to offer advice from our health experts at Texas Health hospitals, share real stories about motherhood, and tackle common issues.

And we want to hear from you: the single Mom, the frustrated Mom, the wannabe Mom, the veteran Mom, the feeling-clueless Mom. Each Mom’s experience is different. So please contribute. Tell us what you like. Ask us what you want to know, but aren’t sure who to ask. Share your successes and frustrations.

Whether you’re thinking about being Mom, on the verge of becoming Mom, or have been Mom for years, we hope you find this blog useful, informative, and entertaining.