Friday, June 17, 2011

A typical day with my 3 year old

I awake each morning with the notion that all the stars will align and my beautiful family of four will start and end the day with a full belly, a happy heart and something new learned.

But more often than not my sweet 3 year old decides to throw an egg at my notion of “perfection!”

Olivia has been working diligently at her potty training.  She always let’s my husband, myself, sissy, a neighbor, and/or a random clerk at the grocery store know when it’s time to go potty!  Which we all celebrate with a high five and “you did it” pee pee dance (something to see). 

However, the other night Olivia decided that she could take the trip to the bathroom on her own.  Within seconds I hear her cry out “oh no, it’s stuck Mommy!”  I race to the bathroom to see her sitting on the potty with the training seat stuck around her neck.  With that the melt down begins. 

Through my internal laughter and external serious face I try to negotiate the situation like only a mother can.  But as I try to lift the seat off her perfectly round head it won’t budge (she really got that sucker on tight)!  I holler for my husband to come help and he trots in, freezes in the doorway and says, “I know this is serious but I really need to grab the camera for future reference.”  He comes back, shoots a photo of our little miracle and then proceeds to maneuver the seat off her head. 

Final outcome: it takes a Mom, Dad and Big Sis (Jenna) to remove a pink Elmo padded potty seat off the head of 3 year old.  One to soothe her broken heart while pinning her ears down so the other can gently wiggle it up and off.  And a big sis (Jenna) to pat her on the back for her courage. 

And in case you were wondering.  Olivia survived the incident but will forever refuse to use a training potty seat again!

Jeanine Andersen is a Marketing Manager at Texas Health Resources and the mother of two girls.

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  1. Seems your having better luck than me with the 3 yr old potty training..Mine wont even look at let alone wear it as a necklace..Good Luck