Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Growing up and transitions galore

A time of transition isn’t the favorite time for a Mommy who’s not a big fan of change.

My realization of impending change came in May when I attended my daughter Lily’s preschool graduation. As she stood on the stage smiling with excitement in her mini cap and gown it dawned on me that Lily was growing up. Soon she will be in Kindergarten and you know what’s next: dating, prom, graduation, college, and marriage.

Okay, I know I’m getting ahead of myself, but Lily leaving the preschool we’ve known, loved, and trusted for the last five years creates fear for me.  I took Lily to kindergarten roundup to register for school. As I parked the car and Lily and I walked up the big steps to the big school I tried to project excitement to her. In reality, I was trying to cover my fear. After a tour of the school, I was more settled about our decision to enroll Lily at public school and she was elated about her new school. Thank you, God!

As if that change isn’t big enough, my husband decided to begin potty training with my baby, Logan. Honestly, Logan isn’t a baby, he’s 27 months old but he’s my baby.  Potty training was the last thing on my mind with Logan. I’ve gotten used to diapers and right now for us and our busy lifestyle, diapers are easy. I still have flashbacks of the stress and aggravation potty training caused me with Lily so the second time around I definitely wasn’t going to rush it. Surprisingly, Logan is very interested in going potty. His teacher at school has also begun to work with him and he has been doing great. Over the weekend we made the decision to buy pull ups to make potty training a little easier.  So I hate to say it out loud but we are almost done with diapers.

With all of these changes and life transitions it reminds me of one thing, “stop and smell the roses.” Life is short and you have to cherish every moment. I’m looking forward to having a great worry free summer for Lily and hoping for successful (and quick) potty training for Logan.

Mindy Seals works in the information technology division at Texas Health Resources and is balancing work, married life, and raising two kids.

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