Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Mother’s Wish

From learning how to walk, ride a bike, date without parental supervision and drive, it has all led up to this day.

The transition to young adulthood has been difficult to watch as a single Mom, but I hope I’ve done it with love and support and have not been too smothering.

Last week was the most difficult to date.  It seems that the speed limit on the road to adulthood has been increased.  My son, who has barely gotten over having a bed time, turned 16 and received his driver’s license on the same day.

In no time at all he will be working, graduating from high school, going off to college and moving out.

I worry that I might have missed something along the way while parenting during these developmental years.  I know he’s a good kid; everyone says so.  I know he’ll make good decisions, I hope.

My only wish since the day he was born is that he becomes a healthy, happy, responsible man.  I hope that I have given him the life skills that he will need to survive on his own.  So far I think that we are traveling down the right road. It will be a wonderful feeling to discover my child has grown up and started on his own journey. It will mean I have done my job well.

Michelle Clark, RNC, is a nursing supervisor in the postpartum unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.

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