Thursday, September 30, 2010

Long Distance Lalou

Being a grandmother (or as my grandkids call me, “Lalou”) is probably the very best role of my life.

But it is also one of the most difficult. You see, I love my grandchildren and want to see them often, but I’m a Long Distance Lalou. My two oldest grandchildren (ages 7 and 11) live 365 miles away and my youngest (6 months) lives 810 miles away. So how does that work? You use up a lot of your skymiles! And you resort to receiving texts with phone pictures so you don’t miss all those wonderful events in their life:

Like when they see their first bubbles in their own back yard.

Or when they are “tuckered out” from a long day of playing……

Or when they’ve just cooled off from a game of soccer…

The only problem is you don’t get your “hug fix”.

The phone calls help, but it just isn’t the same. Besides have you ever tried to talk to a 7 year old or 11 year old on the phone? Count on about 30 seconds of conversation, after that, they are off to their friend’s house or texting their girlfriend, or whatever new adventure is ahead. At least, when you are talking to a 6 month old, the phone itself holds some interest, and they can chew on it for at least a few minutes before they touch the “hang up” button.

If you are a new grandparent, hopefully, you live close to your grandchildren. If not, learn to be flexible in how you are involved in their lives. I know that I will continue to find new ways of interacting with them because I want them to know their “Lalou”.

Mary Lou Wilson
Director of Women’s Services
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford

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