Thursday, February 10, 2011

What kind of parent will I be?

Chandra and Dad
As I thought about what to write my Dad in his birthday card before I mailed it off to Colorado, I felt the familiar kicks and punches from little Nandi - the little one growing inside my belly. It brought a smile to my face as I rubbed the lower portion of my abdomen and thought about everything my father has done for me, and continues to do for me to this day. But as I rubbed my stomach with Nandi moving this way and that, I paused and wondered, "What kind of mother will I be?"

I'm sure my parents asked themselves the same question before I hit the scene years ago, with emotions full of excitement, concern and love. My Dad (and Mom, too) has always been my protector, my faithful cheerleader, my role model. My parents attended every track meet, every orchestra performance - no matter the weather or the day.

As I got older, they made sure I never wanted for anything while attending college hundreds of miles away from them; and even now, they still call to check on me. With the crazy winter weather we've had in North Texas, my father called asking, "Chandra, did you wrap up your pipes on the outside of the house? Make sure you don't slip and fall, because you need to be careful out there."

All I could do was chuckle and obediently say, "Yes, Daddy, I will be extremely careful." Well, I made it safely to the side of the house and to the back; but just my luck, I almost slipped and fell going to check my mail only a few moments after wrapping the pipes! I immediately grabbed my stomach, thinking, "Please don't let me fall, God; because I don't want to injure my baby." Times like that, you forget about self, and all concern (and fear) focuses solely on your baby. Thankfully, I caught my balance and did not waste time getting back inside the house where the plush carpeting provided all the traction I evidently needed.

I don't know what the future holds; but I do know I will make a few mistakes along the way. I can only pray for guidance and that I will be a good parent for my little baby girl, Nandi. Years from now, when she grows up and begins a family of her own, maybe she'll smile and reflect on our experiences together - as she rubs on her belly and happily awaits the arrival of her little one. That's a nice thought indeed.

Chandra Cleveland is a Senior Communications Specialist for Texas Health Resources who is expecting Nandi to enter the world in June.

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