Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Easter traditions

What are your Easter Traditions?

My family has certainly had theirs. When my children were small, first, on Saturday, I would boil at least 3 dozen eggs because each of my children needed at least twelve eggs to enjoy. Then, we would spend hours at the kitchen table decorating and coloring the Easter Eggs – with that dye that would stain the carpet if we happened to drop any. The kitchen was a safe place because the table and floor was covered with newspaper (hard to find these days).

The “Easter Bunny” would come during the night before Easter and leave them a basket filled with goodies – not just Chocolate Bunnies, but a pair of jeans that they wanted, or earrings, or whatever their latest wish was. Always, their favorite Jelly Bellys, marshmallow eggs, and a large chocolate bunny. Then the Easter Bunny would have hidden their eggs, depending upon the weather – outside, if it was warm and sunny or inside, if it was rainy. They would hunt until they found all the eggs, then we would get ready for Church where they learned the real meaning of Easter.

After eating out, we would come home and hunt eggs for hours. They never ate the eggs, so I either had to make egg salad or throw the eggs away. We would also start cooking sugar cookies and decorate them with sprinkles. My children ate more of the cookie dough than they did the cookies. I think I ate most of the cookies. 
I continued the tradition of the Easter Basket until they were in college, and they still seemed to expect it.  Finally, it is their turn to start their own traditions. I know they will be as memorable to them as my traditions are to me.

Mary Lou Wilson, RN, BSN, is director of Women's Services at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst-Euless-Bedford.

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  1. The bunny "peeps" my kiddie and leaves bunny and chick marshmallow peeps all the house-- in the bookshelf, on the nightstand, on the entertainment center. They have a great time finding the candy before the Easter egg hunt.