Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tubes -- and I don't mean for the pool!

Tubes. Not for the pool or on a playground. But for my child’s ears! This is the word our pediatrician uttered a few weeks ago and I shuttered. Really? My little boy is only 8 months old and he can’t possibly be a candidate for tubes in his ears. Can he?

Well, I have been wrestling with this thought for the past several weeks and I have finally decided that if tubes are what is best, then we will do them. After all, Wells’ long-term hearing is most important. Right?

Our journey to the possibility of tubes in his ears has consisted of five ear infections since January and fluid on his ears consistently since that time as well. The doctor tells me that Wells’ ears feel like they are constantly clogged. I know how miserable that feels. And, I know he does not know any different – but he should.

So, this next week we are headed to the pediatrician and hopefully a visit with the ENT doctor to be evaluated for tubes. Our hope is that the fluid in his ears has miraculously drained and we can skip the tubes. But, if not, we will be one of the many families these days lining up for tubes.

Have any of your children had tubes? Please leave a comment and let us know a little about your experience and life after tubes!

Whitney Jodry is a Senior Public Relations Specialist at Texas Health Resources and new Mom to son Wells.

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  1. Our pediatrician suggested tubes, also, around 9-10 months. I admit I was a Bad Mommy and completely forgot about calling the ENT until I was reminded at his 1-year appointment. By that time, the fluid was completely gone from one ear and not enough to worry about in the other, so the pediatrician said we could try to wait out the summer and see if things are better as the fall and "sick season" hit later. So that's what we're doing. I've heard chiropractic care can really help with ear infection/constant fluid, but I've not ever tried it (know several moms who have, though). Good luck!