Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Don't mess with a Mom

It was a sunny Saturday morning. I pushed the baby in his stroller with one hand and held the fingers of my princess ballerina with the other. As we approached the door to the recreation center I began to smell cigarette smoke.  Suddenly I spotted the offender, an older lady sitting on a bench as close to the door as you could get. Without even thinking the words trailed out of my mouth.  “You shouldn’t smoke right here.” Startled, she looked up at me. “It’s rude, you shouldn’t smoke right next to the door,” I said, as I pointed to a No Smoking sign. “If you choose to put your life at risk with cigarettes, that’s your prerogative, but I’d like to protect the lives of my children.” In amazement she answered back, “You’re rude!”

As I rushed into the building with both children in tow I began to shake. What in the world had come over me? I hate confrontation. I just went off on a total stranger and my kids witnessed the entire incident.  Still shaking and sweating I replayed the conversation in my head. I was right and I knew it.  Suddenly my thoughts were interrupted as a dad waiting for his daughter approached me. “I heard what you said to that lady and I just wanted to thank you.”

I realized something important on that beautiful Saturday morning.

In my past life I may have tolerated things that were inappropriate. I may have brushed off someone not following the rules, but the game had changed now. I’m responsible for two more human lives. These innocent children who have no voice have to be protected. These babies can’t stand up for themselves. As their mother, I have to be their mouthpiece. I have to make sure that they are treated fairly and are not placed in harm’s way. Motherhood is a huge responsibility but one I take with honor.  I will warn you now, you threaten my cubs and my momma bear claws will come out.

What brings out your momma bear claws?

Mindy Seals works in the information technology division at Texas Health Resourcesand is balancing work, married life and raising two kids.

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