Thursday, November 17, 2011

Happy holidays to the baby (not you)!

With Thanksgiving a few days away and Christmas just around the corner, my husband and I are planning our holiday vacations and deciding how to enjoy the holidays with the little one and make it exciting for her.

Our baby girl continues to grow like a cute little weed and her happy, pleasant demeanor is still intact, despite her bouts with ear infections and congestion.  A few days ago, my husband and I took a trip to Arkansas to visit his parents.  And I don’t know who enjoyed the visit more – our daughter or her grandparents.

As soon as my husband pulled into their driveway, they couldn’t wait for the baby to get out of the car. I walked inside the house with our baby girl and she was quickly whisked out of my arms and smothered with hugs and kisses from her grandparents.  Since she eats up attention, she smiled and cooed, loving every minute of it.

During the trip, my husband and I got a chance to go out while his parents watched the baby – it seemed as if they could have cared less what we did, they just wanted us out of the house so they could spend time with the baby.  We decided to go to a football game and his parents made plans to take our baby shopping – to get a jump on the holiday crowds. When we returned later that night, we saw our baby girl sitting contently in the lap of her grandfather. They proceeded to tell us how animated and vocal the baby was in the mall (festive Christmas decorations were in every store they passed).  In fact, she couldn’t bear staying in the stroller – her grandparents said she wanted to be held the entire time as they walked about (the stroller didn’t allow for an ideal view of the decorative scene).

While they walked about the mall purchasing outfits for their grandchild, her grandfather said something caught her large, inquisitive eyes.  “She saw one of those Nativity scene snow globes and she just had to have it!”  Hmm – I don’t know if Pa Pa just had to get it for his grandbaby or if she really had to have it. When they showed us the snow globe, her eyes did light up and her hands were flailing all around, so I must admit that she does enjoy looking at it and hearing the music.

And even all the way in Colorado, my parents act the same way. My mother especially cannot wait for Thanksgiving – she’ll get to see my daughter and my sister’s little three-year-old daughter.  Trust me, it’s all about the kids – we are just the necessary means to get the grandchildren to their Thanksgiving destination in the Rockies. My mom has already bought clothes and gifts for both her granddaughters.

And my husband isn’t any better. He’s planning to purchase the baby’s first Christmas tree within the next few days – I figure, what’s the rush? She won’t remember any of it anyway, being less than a year old. My logical reasoning falls upon deaf ears when it comes to my husband’s “sugarfoot” – the nickname he’s given our daughter.  “My baby will have her first Christmas this year, with a tree and presents,” said my husband. “We might just sit you in the garage by yourself for Christmas since you’re being such a Scrooge!”  He can talk all he wants – I know I won’t be sitting in the garage by myself.  And maybe I just need to get with the program and feed off of the excitement of my husband and our baby’s grandparents. It will be a special time full of long-lasting memories and precious family moments – during Thanksgiving and Christmas. So, happy holidays, to the baby!

Chandra is a Sr. Communications Specialist for Texas Health Resources and new Mom.

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