Monday, November 7, 2011

Skills on the Grill

This weekend we made a quick trip up to the lake.  We had our boat winterized so we had to pick it up from the shop and take it out to the lake to store for the winter.  This trip included myself, Brett and my youngest stepson, Nathan.  There are many reasons that I think my husband is an awesome dad, but this weekend probably highlighted one of the biggest.

Grilling out is a common practice when we are at the lake, and this particular Saturday evening was no different.  When the time to get the grill ready neared, my husband beckoned Nathan.  He has done some grilling before, but this job was from start to finish-and it was with charcoal.

His first step was to open the very heavy lid to the grill.  Brett’s dad built things to last-so just lifting the lid itself is a workout.  Next, Nathan had to get a shovel and dig out the ashes from the last time the grill was used.  Again, some more physical labor which he isn’t always excited about, but once he gets started you can see the pride and sense of accomplishment on his face.

After the ashes were removed Brett instructed him on how to strategically stack the charcoal brickettes so the best fire could be produced for optimum grilling. Then came the part that any young man enjoys-starting the fire and using the lighter fluid.  What guy doesn’t like that?  And then, they waited.  I looked out the window from inside the cabin to see father and son sitting in lawn chairs watching the fire.

These are some of the important lessons my husband teaches the boys - how to become young men.  We all dined on some delicious steaks after our two chefs were done with their grilling lesson.  I must say Nathan was beaming with pride at the dinner table due to the fact that he had prepared our main dish from start to finish.  What are some important lessons and traditions you try to impart to your kids?

Makala Pollard is a Senior Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Stepmom to two boys and after a six-year journey of infertility is expecting a daughter in March.

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