Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Empty Nest Syndrome

I’m a Single Mom!

How many times have we heard that term used? Raising your children with minimal support is difficult whether you’re a single mom or dad. I was a single mom working as a registered nurse and each day was challenging. Some days it was overwhelming trying to juggle my work schedule with car pool, after school activities, homework assignment, and projects. The list can go on and on. Finding down time for yourself was not easy back then.

This year I sent my son off to college.  I now have time to relax and reflect back on my life when my son was first on the list. We got through it all together and now he’s gone to the United States Air Force Academy. His commitment to the Air Force will keep him away from home for many years.
The downside to having time alone is the guilt I feel when I think about the past.

Could I have been a more patient mom and spent time focusing on talking about his day instead of asking him if he did his homework yet or took his shower?

Did I always sweat the small stuff? Probably!

 I recently sent my son a Valentine Day card. The words inside the card expressed these same thoughts. After reading the card my son sent me a message saying “I Love you mom, you’re the best!” When you hear this, the guilt goes away and the regrets vanish. When your children leave home, it’s a new beginning for everyone. My son is thriving and happy.  My nest may be empty but my life is fulfilled.

Do you worry that you’re focusing in on the small stuff too much?

Kimberly Brigis is a registered nurse in the Assisted Reproductive Technology Services department at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.


  1. That's so sweet! We all need to experience to become away from our kids and realize many things
    we want to regret but on the other side it is the best thing to do.

  2. Kim,
    I bet you are so proud! Every stage is interesting and with its' own challenges...and rewards!!