Monday, February 13, 2012

Saying I love you

Since early on in our dating days my husband and I have tried to find fun ways to say I love you.

I would imagine it probably started with him drawing off “Annie Hall” and saying he “lurves me” in the early dating stages.

But over the years it’s evolved to relate to random silliness in our daily lives– silliness is something we’re a big fan of in our family. For example, if I’m having a stressed day he’s been known to tell me that he loves me more than all the sea turtles in the ocean – a soft spot for me because they’re my favorite animal and relax me. And if he’s making a run to the library to return books for me, I’ve been known to say I love him more than all the books I’ll ever read.

You get the picture.

That’s why when I saw an idea on Pinterest to create a board where you could write daily love notes I was sure I had to do it, but wanted to find the right time to do so. Right now we’re trying to figure out his next career step, lease our condo, buy a house and plan a trip to Spain – not exactly a stress-free existence or a time when we were wanting to spend much on Valentine’s Day. So I decided the timing was just right to surprise him with this gift.

I went to the Dollar Store and got an 8x10 frame and then to Michaels for a sheet of scrapbook paper (on clearance for 49 cents) and I was all set. All it took was a couple of snips of the scissors to cut the scrapbook paper to the size of the frame (hint, I used the fake photo that came with the frame as an easy guide for my cuts). And voila I was done. No mess. Easy peasy. Total cost was $1.49 plus tax as I already had a dry erase marker at home. And it’s something I see our family using for years to come. The fact that it harkens back to my childhood when my Mom would give us Valentine’s Day presents in a brown grocery bag she glued paper colored hearts onto is an added bonus.

What fun love traditions does your family have?

Jennifer Erickson is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist at Texas Health Resources and is a big fan of inexpensive and quick crafts.

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