Friday, April 27, 2012

Family time with teenagers

I was so excited to have off a few days for spring break this year and spend time with the kids.  I had been putting in some extra hours at work the first few months of the year so I felt like some quality time with the kids was needed for all of us.  I even put in a lot of effort coordinating my time off with my peers in order to make sure everything at work was covered. 

The morning of my first day off I was so excited.  I was thinking to myself: I am truly game for anything!  If both the kids would have said “Let’s go to Sea World!” or Austin, or even Cancun, I would have tried to make it happen.  I had some extra money saved up and this would have been the perfect occasion to spend it. 

My twelve-year-old daughter and fourteen-year-old son finally woke up around noon and stumbled down the stairs, but I wasn’t worried because we still could catch a late flight somewhere.  I fixed them both something to eat and then reminded them I had off work and the sky is the limit. “What are we doing today and for the rest of the week?” I asked. 

My son said, “Well my friends are on their way over and I’m heading to the rec. center with them.”  I turned to my daughter and asked her what she wanted to do.  She said her friend was on her way over and she wanted to spend the night out.  I told the kids again the sky was the limit and let’s do something fun.  About an hour later both the kids were gone for the day and I was sitting on the couch having a pity party by myself. 

I know it seems like friends are the most important people in a teen’s life, but what are some suggestions for spending quality time with kids? 

Shannon Strenger, BSN, RNC-OB, is a nurse manager in the antepartum unit at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano and Mom of two teenagers.


  1. This is so true!

  2. You should have come to Shelton. I would hang out with you :-) love your new blog!

  3. Welcome to world of teenage kidville. This is a time where we, the parents, are no longer on the priority list with our kids, but you do have to's not personal! They are growing up, they have plans, friends, things they want to do and most of the time that doesn't include mom and dad. Your intentions were good, but sometimes things don't happen the way we plan, and that's ok. I do hope you were able to spend some time with them and maybe even got yourself some quiet "me" time.

    It was a rule in our house to have dinner together every night, no tv, where we could just sit and visit. That way we always feel connected to Dylan and involved in his life and it gave him a chance to have un-distracted, quality time with us. It was something I looked forward to every day. Dylan's moved out now and John & I still do the dinner thing and I still look forward to that every day.

    Love you, Saucey~