Friday, April 20, 2012

Kids and Chemicals


Have you ever noticed how many chemicals we expose our kids to in order to protect them? During the summer it’s sunblock and mosquito repellant. The risk of West Nile and skin cancer seem to outweigh the risks of the stuff we put on them.

But I can’t help but wonder if we’re trading in one thing for the other. As a Mom, I worry about that. From the food we eat to the stuff we put on our skins, very little is natural anymore. It all has chemicals in it.

I don’t want my kids to risk something as debilitating as West Nile virus. Sunburns hurt and have long-term effects. Heck, I wonder what happens when I put lotion on my hands.

Yes, there are natural ways to repel mosquitos and keep your hands soft. You can wear long-sleeved shirts and hats to keep the sun away. But knowing my kids, those hats come off the minute they take off.

When I worked in health care, a colleague and I used to joke around that your take huge risks in life just by waking up in the morning. Everything is eventually bad for you and you can’t avoid not ever getting sick. You’re dying just by being alive. (Morbid thought, but think about it.)

Is anyone else worried about this, or am I just being paranoid? I’ll be reading your answers from the shady spot under my tree.

Reace Alvarenga-Smith is a Mom of two in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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