Friday, July 13, 2012

A Friday the 13th delivery

Proud parents Kris and Patrick with daughter Katie
Would you want to deliver your baby on Friday the 13th?

Some superstitious Mamas avoid delivering on Friday the 13th if they can help it, said Dr. Daren Tate, OB/GYN on the medical staff at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth.

“I see a lot of people who have these types of superstitions,” Dr. Tate said. “Since it’s always on a Friday, I’ve had patients who were offered an induction for that day choose to stay pregnant through the weekend just to avoid Friday the 13th, when it’s safe to stay pregnant of course. I actually prefer people to go into natural labor, but it’s interesting that Friday the 13th has played into that decision.”

Kris Banis, an Aledo Mom who delivered baby Katie at 7:50 this morning via C-section, said she and her husband weren’t fazed by the supposed unlucky date when her doctor scheduled the delivery.

“We just kind of chuckled and didn’t think twice about it,” said Kris, who’d had a previous C-section with her firstborn. “But a lot of our friends were warning us that the little one might give us a hard time.”

Katie and her husband Patrick said they’re only superstitious when it comes to their attire for Texas Longhorn football games. But she said they did notice the number 13 suddenly started popping up.

“We delivered Katie in room 13 here at the hospital, and I was 39 weeks pregnant – which is 13 times 3,” Kris said. “We think it’s a good thing. Katie already has a lucky number!”

Dr. Tate agrees: there’s no reason to be frightened of Friday the 13th.

“I can’t think of any reason to be scared of Friday the 13th,” Dr. Tate said.  “I’ve always delivered on that day.”

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  1. Some people are more superstitious than others it seems, and it seems like this family isn't. My sister's friend went to see a Sugarland OBGYN and they told her that her baby would be born on Firday the 13th and she didn't like that idea at all. Thanks for sharing this.