Thursday, January 31, 2013

Top 5 baby items I *thought* I needed

Recently I have been trying to get things in the kiddos rooms a little more organized. I have a box in Lucy’s room overflowing with clothes to box up and put in the attic and I think she is done with the swing so that needs to go up too. All of this has made me think about the things I HAD to have with Henry that I have not even seen or used with Lucy. I’m sure many of you can relate to this.

Here are the top 5 things I thought I needed with baby one that I have not even dragged out or used the second time around. Now of course everyone is different, but it just makes you think. What was something you had to have with your babies that you look back now and realize you didn’t?
  1. The Diaper Disposal thing. (trying to avoid brand names) Now we did use it with Henry for about the first year but since then it has been chilling in the garage.  It’s a great idea and for about the first 6 months it works, mostly because the diapers haven’t become to incredibly foul yet. Today diapers that are “yuck” go straight to the outside garbage. This also saves you a few bucks because you are not having to buy refill bags.
  2. The wipe warmer. Now I did get this one out and it is on and full of wipes in Lucy’s room. And those wipes have been in there for 8+ months. It’s just sitting there sucking up, I should really unplug that thing! This probably doesn’t get used because of not using the third thing on my list.
  3. The changing table. I have two little baskets in my living room filled with Diapers, a box of wipes, diaper cream and baby lotion. With 2 in diapers I change them both on the floor and have my supplies right there. The changing table with Henry mostly became a collector of “stuff.”
  4. The Bumbo. Now I know some people LIVE for these things. Everyone had one so I thought I needed one too. It too is sitting in the garage, probably next to the diaper thing. My babies weren’t impressed with it and neither was I, they just sat there..and..well...sat.
  5. The shopping cart cover. Again this one was a peer-pressure purchase (nice alliteration huh?), everyone was using one so I thought I needed it too. I think we maybe used it 3-4 times with Henry and it was more of a pain than anything else. Straps to loop here and make sure this was attached to this and so on. And that’s when I pulled out a baby wipe or a Wet Ones wipe and wiped everything down. Now maybe it was just the one I bought but I was not a huge fan, which is unfortunate because there are some really cute ones out there!
These were the items that immediately came to mind when I was thinking back through things I “needed.” In all reality what we as parents think our babies need is more for us than them. And trust me if it will really make my life and my baby’s life easier or more comfortable, I’ll try it!

Now my number one favorite baby item that I used religiously with both kids was.....the bouncy seat!  And here’s the thing, I didn’t register for it because I thought I would never use it. My cousin got it for me and said you will use it almost everyday and she was right! The bouncy seat. The $25 simple and basic bouncy seat. It’s small enough to move around the house when one arm has a kid in it. It’s at an angle that is comfortable for newborns and small toddlers. I would park it in front of the shower, while I showered. Put the baby in it while the family ate dinner, while I folded a load of laundry, while I cooked dinner, while I gave big brother a bath and so on. Now this bouncy seat was well loved by Henry and Lucy but I’m thinking the next time around we’ll need to get a new one, keep that in mind cousin Leah! :-)

Laine Moses is a stay-at-home-Mom to Henry and Lucy.

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