Friday, March 8, 2013

Mommy Time

Have you ever had that moment when you think to yourself, I just need 5 minutes alone! Whether that be staring blankly at the wall, checking Facebook without being asked a million questions, going to the bathroom by yourself without your 2-year-old banging on the door, your husband asking you questions through the crack, the cat pawing under the door for you or the dog scratching at the door to get in too (because he needs 5 minutes away from the chaos as well).

If you haven’t had that moment, I envy you! The last year has been filled with those moments for this working mother and they have become much more valuable since I decided I would go back to school last May and then found out I was pregnant in August. That’s when I made the decision to make some time for me. Not the kind of time you say you’re going to make…real time. That time that no one can cancel, that no weather disaster can ruin, that no one can take away from me. The only way I was going to get that is if I put money into it. Like any budget conscience mother, if I spend a nickel on it I’m going to get my dimes worth out of it.

So, I did what I’ve been wanting to do for 13 years since moving to Dallas…I bought tickets to the Dallas Summer Musicals. WAIT, did I say, ticketS, plural? I meant ticket! YUP, just one single ticket. Me, myself and I were going to attend the Dallas Summer Musicals. Eight shows spread out throughout the year just for me! Did I mention that the line-up of shows is AMAZING! That doesn’t mean that a girlfriend couldn’t tag along if she chose to, or that I wouldn’t try to take my sweet nephew with me, or even try to get my husband to come along, but I wasn’t waiting on anyone else to commit to participate in my Mommy time. I needed it and was determined to get it.

Let me tell you, so far, I LOVE IT! I attended my first show this weekend. My husband was well aware that he was in charge Saturday afternoon. Now don’t get me wrong, we had a full Saturday with "stuff” that needed to be done. I made a commitment that the “stuff” would just have to wait. The show started at 1:30. I left the house, the kiddo and the pets in my husband’s capable hands at high noon. I left a small list of things I would like to see get done before I got home but made a commitment to myself I wasn’t going to worry about them during Mommy Time and wouldn’t get upset if they weren’t done when I got home. I opened up the windows on my drive to Downtown Dallas, listened to MY MUSIC and made a few phone calls. I arrived at my destination and was greeted by a gentleman with a cart who gave me a ride to the front door (I think he took sympathy on me because my waddle is getting bad these days).

I made my way to get a few snacks before the show without worrying about what everyone else wanted or if they had anything healthy for the baby. I used the bathroom without having to hush my 2-year-old for sharing that “there’s a big poo-poo in there” and “Mommy, you go potty too (clapping loudly).” I found my seat with no issues and didn’t have to listen to my husband griping about, “how long is the show?” “do they really sing through the whole thing?” “when is the intermission?” The curtain went black, the music began to play and there I was, all alone in my little world. Enjoying the laughter, the music and the dancing of these fine professionals. It was like my own private performance.

After the show I hopped back in my car, fought a little post-show traffic and headed home. Called my husband on the way back and found the house did not burn down, the baby was still alive and the cat and dog had not killed each other. I even found that he had done the dishes and started the laundry. Life was pretty good. I can’t wait for my next show in March, Mary Poppins. I’m thinking about calling my adorable nephew to be my date for this one, after all singing along to a wonderful song is a lot more fun with a 5-year-old.

Kate Mize is a Service Excellence Coach with Texas Health Resources who is Mom to an almost two-year-old daughter and has another daughter on the way due in May.

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