Friday, May 24, 2013

Sick babies, working moms, and daycare dilemmas

My sweet boy has had a 101 fever all week long that just broke today. And lately, it feels like fevers are an every-other-week occurrence.

The recent one started when I picked him up from daycare Monday, plucking him from amid the herd of coughing, glistening-nosed babes. “Just so you know, another one went home with diarrhea,” a staff member informed me.

Oh, okay, great.

My little man’s fever kept peaking and plummeting in Ibuprofen-induced waves. I took him to the doctor, who assured me I don’t need to worry as long as he’s eating, drinking, and having normal wet and dirty diapers. But since his throat looked very red, he prescribed him an antibiotic.

It seems like he has gotten sick and feverish every couple of weeks for the past few months. Sometimes it’s a fever with a runny nose and cough, other times it’s a fever with a shirt soaked in slobber (likely teething) and other times, it’s a fever on its own that he must have willingly conjured up just to get Mom or Dad to take time off work and stay home with him. (Kidding.)  My husband and I have had to tag-team taking days off work.

Per usual, my mind runs wild with worry. Is this normal for 18-month-olds to have fevers this much? Is it just normal for babies in daycare? Is it our daycare? Is it our house? I must not be cleaning the floors often enough. Maybe I should start washing his hands more. Does he have a weak immune system? Am I a bad Mama and overlooking something?

I hope it’s just a phase that he’ll grow out of soon. So many “is this normal?” questions come with the Mom gig, I never realized how many things it’s possible to worry about.

Did your toddler go through a phase of getting many fevers, unexplained or otherwise?

Megan Brooks is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist with Texas Health Resources, Stepmom to a teen and Mom to a toddler.

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