Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer Vacation

The kids have been looking forward to it all year and it’s finally here: SUMMER VACATION!

Here are the top things I love about my kids’ summer vacations:
1. We don’t have to be at many places at specific times. While my hubby and I both have to get work on time, the issue is that no do they have to be at school dressed up in their uniforms. Which leads to number 2.
2. No uniforms! The kids can slap on whatever they want to wear. I’ve told the kids that as long as they are presentable when school starts back up (and they keep their grades up) that they can do whatever they want to their hair. (They have to pay for it; I’m not shelling out for pink hair.)
3. Summer camp. Our kids still only do day camp, but I appreciate the availability. Bonus: the kids get to go on field trips to places I have no desire to visit. It’s a beautiful thing.
4. Swimming. Need I say more.
5. T.V. The kids don’t get to watch television during the week while school is in session. They make up for it during the summer.

I’m sure their list is longer and includes Six Flags trips and other adventures. I love that they are young enough to enjoy everything and haven’t quite hit the “Everything is boring” phase yet. I want my kids to have summers they can look back on and say they had some fun.

Summer is here!

Reace Alvarenga-Smith is a Mom of two in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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