Friday, August 13, 2010

What not to say to a pregnant woman

Being almost 6 feet tall, I have had the benefit of not showing as quickly in my pregnancy. This is my first pregnancy though. I really did not show until I was well into my 6th month and then – bam – a little ball! But, you would not believe some of the comments I have had from people wondering if I am pregnant or just gaining weight. Some of this material is too good not to share and some of it serves as a warning to all my fellow readers about “what not to say to a pregnant woman.”

Here are a few situations that I hope you find funny and also learn from…

1) Two-and-a half months pregnant and finally telling my bosses I am having a baby. One individual who I have worked with for quite some time was delighted and gave me a huge hug! Then the comment – “oh good, you are going to get some junk in your trunk finally like most normal people!” She comments frequently that she is still waiting for the “junk.” Who wishes “junk” on others???

2) Three months pregnant and walking into the line at lunch to get a sandwich. See a co-worker who I have not seen in a few weeks. You can tell they are giving me the one-over like “man is she pregnant or just gained some weight?” I tell this person the exciting news and they respond, “I wondered if you were pregnant or if you had just gained some major weight. Your cheeks really have gotten chubby.” Really??? Was that necessary?

3) Five months pregnant and meeting with a group of individuals right after lunch. Co-worker takes a look at me and hesitates, then asks “Are you pregnant or did you just eat a burrito for lunch?” I laughed and said, “No I am 5 months pregnant.” What I really wanted to ask was, do most people look 5 months pregnant after eating a burrito or did I just still look just look full? Well, I am guessing the latter.

4) Six months pregnant but pre-pop I am ordering a turkey sandwich for lunch. Turkey folks – not ham and meatball! There is a guy behind me in the line and the sandwich maker asks what he would like. He promptly says, "I might have to switch lines because I am not sure if the pregnant lady is going to leave any for me.” OK – I ordered a 6 inch turkey sandwich with veggies. Not a party sub!

5) Eight months pregnant and walking to a meeting. See a co-worker who says “man you are all baby.” I said thank you and proceeded to ask how she was doing. She said, “let me take a look at you, turn around.” That was my first mistake! She comes behind me and says “girl, you are carrying this baby from behind too!” I looked at her in disbelief and just kept walking!

Fortunately in my 8th month, I am obviously pregnant.

This has been quite the journey and I have found the humor in the many comments. I am sure more lessons will be learned on “what not to say to a pregnant woman” and as they come about, I will be sure to share them. In the meantime, let me leave you with one piece of advice – never assume someone is pregnant! If they tell you they are, offer your congratulations and leave it at that!

Whitney Jodry
Senior Public Relations Specialist
Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Fort Worth


  1. I know just leaving a comment that I may feel the wrath but I will none the less.
    Whitney lighten up.

    All of the comments that you mention people have made seem to to be just light hearted attempts at humor.

    Maybe you might take a second to think if the person means harm or humor.

    Just a thought.

    Daniel VanStone
    Lab Rat
    oCatacoo Labs

  2. @Daniel true, I think they were probably meant to be taken jokingly. But I think if I were pregnant I'd be sensitive to comments about my ever-growing body, too! Maybe it's a girl thing.

  3. I've got a 4-month old at home (first baby) and I got SOOOOOOO sick of hearing the "you don't look pregnant at all!" or "it's about time you started looking pregnant!" (I'm tall, also, so I didn't show as much at first) It got really old.