Thursday, January 20, 2011

The best diet ever!

When I got pregnant, moms told me to breastfeed as long as I could. “Why?” I would ask. They always told me it was the best way to lose the pregnancy pounds. And they were right!

Four months into being a mom and I have dropped about 45 pounds – just breastfeeding. Not only does breastfeeding allow me to bond with my child, but it has given me the ability to lose my pregnancy weight!

As I began to look at New Year’s resolutions, I opted to try and lose some more weight, eat healthier and exercise. It is great to have lost my pregnancy weight, but I still have some weight I put on before I got pregnant that I want to lose. So, I have resolved to continue breastfeeding. 

This resolution is a noble one, but I am challenged by a diminishing milk supply. Many people would tell you that your body is just finished breastfeeding. I am not buying it! 

I am determined to continue! I am adamant about giving my child the benefits of breast milk. Beyond that, I am determined to continue breastfeeding to have the personal benefit of losing some more weight. Some may say that is selfish. I say it is a great tool to benefit both mom and baby.

So, as my journey continues to try and boost my supply, I would value any tips you all have to help! Please leave me a comment.

Whitney Jodry is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist at Texas Health Resources and an entry-level mama to a four-month-old baby boy.


  1. Well, I just had to give up breastfeeding nearly 9 months in. I loved the experience, but was faced with diminishing supply, also. My advice? Pump, pump, pump,keep well hydrated, and I don't know if it really works or not, but I found that oatmeal (when I could stomach it) and root beer (and an occasional real beer) helped my supply. I've also heard that fenu-greek supplements help, but I didn't try that myself.

  2. Motherlove. It's a combination of different herbal supplements like fenu-greek and thistle. The brand is Motherlove but the supplement is called More Milk plus. I know how you feel though I am currently doing the same thing. My little guy is out eating me, and thankfully we have a whole freezer full of frozen from when he was in the NICU, but I am determined to continue nursing and get my supply back up!! Good luck!!!

  3. I would recommend pumping anytime you personally miss feeding your baby. Also, eat a lot of protein. I was like you with baby #1 and lost a lot of weight breastfeeding. I also tried dieting and found my milk supply diminished. By constantly keeping protein in my body I was able to make more milk. I would eat spoon fulls of peanutbutter for a quick protein filled snack. I also used fenugreek and mother's milk herbal tea.