Thursday, January 13, 2011

A new year, full of physical transformation

Chandra and husband
I’m new to the blogging scene, so I hope my rambling thoughts make sense to most of you who may read this. Most people make New Year’s Resolutions each year – one popular resolution is the decision to lose weight. Unlike most, my resolution is to eat as much and as often as I can – limiting myself to healthy food choices, of course.

My first child is scheduled to enter the world in June; and if the ultrasound is correct, we’ll be having a baby girl. In preparation for her arrival, I’ve traded in my Stephen King and Tananarive Due horror/science fiction novels for more educational and informational reads. Reading material now focuses on the little person growing inside my belly. From books that outline the pregnancy process week-by-week to various magazines that offer tips on restful sleep, explanations about consistent flatulence (so embarrassing), to finding the perfect baby name – I learn something new, practically every other day.

But back to yearly resolutions and mine for the year – eating more! Before the pregnancy, I used to love sweets of all kinds (I was the “ice cream queen”), and every vegetable was my friend. Now, I don’t have a taste for ice cream, but if I catch a whiff of cheesecake, all of my defenses are down. And veggies? I pretty much loved them all, but now I practically gag when I smell broccoli. Back in college, I gave up red meat, but one day early in my pregnancy, I woke up craving lamb chops! We finally found a restaurant in North Dallas; they have the best rack of lamb – oh, my goodness. I typically have to request a to-go box for my leftovers, but nope; I didn’t have anything left on my plate that day!

And as we all know, with pregnancy comes the physical transformation. It’s fun shopping for maternity clothes, I must admit; but I despise the mirrors in the dressing room. I refuse to believe I’ve gotten so big.  Unfortunately, I’m learning day by day that the truth sometimes hurts. My hips are wider and my backside is spreading by leaps and bounds. I was around relatives for the holidays, and two of my college cousins said, “Ooo, now you like your mother from behind!” (Most of the women in my family have ample backsides – including the two lovely ladies who made the remark). Despite the constant weight gain and physical transformation my body is going through, I’m taking it all in stride (not to mention the bloating and consistent constipation). But speaking about “stride,” I do need to hit the treadmill more often. Maybe that should be my New Year’s Resolution – working out in the gym instead of working my jaws while chewing those lamb chops…hmmm, maybe.

Chandra Cleveland is a Senior Communications Specialist who looks forward to raising a beautiful daughter and also getting back into her single-digit jeans someday soon.

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