Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A hole

I have 8-year-old twins, and when they were younger, I think I was a little intense. Don’t most moms have those moments when you want your child to be the perfect child?  I wanted to make sure my kiddos, B and G, knew right from wrong, that they were respectful, and a swear word would not go into their ears and out of their mouths, ever. Until they started school, once they entered kindergarten, they met new friends and some of their friends were older, let’s say, first and second graders.  

First and second graders have a much larger vocabulary and I found my kiddos were bringing home words we did not say at home.

We were out for ice cream and G says to me, “Momma, look at that A-hole.”

“What’s that G?” Great! Another new word, I said to myself. 

“Momma, that A-hole, look!” I was trying to give my child the opportunity to redeem herself, but no luck. She clearly said A-hole.

“G, A-hole is not a nice word, that word is not appropriate for you to say.”

“Momma, there’s a bird’s nest in the A-hole!”

As I followed her gaze, she was looking at the Dairy Queen sign, and right in the A’s hole, was a bird’s nest.  What was I to do but laugh? And you know what G said to me? “A- hole is not a bad word Momma, it’s where the bird lives.”

Carmencita V. Cava, RN, is a clinical nurse coordinator at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano for the Weight Loss Surgery Program and the Scoliosis and Spine Tumor Program. She is blessed with boy-girl twins.

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