Thursday, July 21, 2011

Teething trauma

Several weeks ago, I was grocery shopping in Target with a screaming child. Not normal behavior for my 10-month old. What in the world could be wrong with him? Several different women in the store stopped and asked: "Did your child fall and hit his head?" or "Did you spank your child?"  Really? No, I did not spank my child, and, no, he did not fall and hit his head.

He was not having a normal fussy moment. He was screaming and squirming in pain. I put on my "Dr. Mom" hat and began ruling things out.  Could it be his tummy? Probably not since he has not eaten anything strange. Is it the hot Texas heat that is taking a toll on him?  No, his cheeks are cold. After ruling out many possibilities, we discovered it was his teeth. Yes, teething caused all of this. 

Three hours of screaming later, Wells crashed. Sudden relief turned into a curiosity into how teething trauma can just hit him. Literally, one second he was fine and the next - TOTALLY NOT!

After many attempts to get teething gel to soothe his gums, I resorted to the ibuprofen and Tylenol regiment. Three hours later - RELIEF! 

We are a few weeks into the teething trauma and still have yet to see more teeth cutting the surface. During this ordeal, I sent a message out on Facebook asking my fellow mommy friends about teething remedies that work. If you have some great ideas about how to relieve teething trauma, please leave us a comment.

Whitney Jodry is a Senior Public Relations Specialist at Texas Health Resources and new Mom to son Wells.

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