Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Healthy Mom or Crazy Mom?

Sometimes I wonder if one Mom’s “healthy lifestyle” could be perceived as crazy...

Healthy Mom or Crazy Mom? You decide.

Healthy or Crazy:
To squeeze in a workout, I wake up at 4:30 a.m. Monday through Friday. And I take the stairs whenever possible – no matter how high my destination or what shoes I’m wearing.

Healthy or Crazy:
My husband and I committed that our family will not eat fast food, and we’re instilling in our children that we only eat fresh foods.

Healthy or Crazy:
I make breakfast and pack lunches for my family of four every weekday, and my husband and I take turns cooking dinner.

Healthy or Crazy:
After dinner, my family dances to loud music together in our living room. (Currently, my four-year-old son’s favorite album is “El Camino” by The Black Keys and his favorite song is “Lonely Boy.”)

Healthy or Crazy:
On weekends, when given the chance to nap or do housework, I choose a nap.

We all make decisions that make us who we are. So, what kind of a Mom are you: Healthy or Crazy? I’m still on the fence…

Mandy Forbus is a Senior Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom of a daughter and son who love to cut a rug.

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