Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mommy Memories

I’ve only been a Mom for 8 years.  I have boy/girl twins and I still feel very, very new to the role.

For example, I cannot believe it is already March. Can you believe only two more months and it will be time for summer break? I just sent them to third grade. Does the time really go this fast? Pretty soon, I will be in my ninth year of mothering, but sometimes, I still yearn for the time of my kiddos’ firsts.

I will get very nostalgic about certain situations that happened with my two. I remember, the first time they graduated from “only milk” to peas and carrots, or their first “real” bath in the bath tub and not in the kitchen sink.  One of my favorite memories is teaching my kiddos to say their prayers: Now I lay me down to sleep, I pray the Lord my soul to keep….

The Boy: Momma, what’s a soul?

Me: Hmmm that’s a good question, Son.  Let me see if I can explain to you in words that you can understand.

The Girl to her brother: Don’t you know what a soul is? It’s all your toys and candy and good stuff that Momma and Daddy give you.

I left it at that.

In two more years, my two will be in the double digits when it comes to their age.  I remember their pediatric nurse practitioner telling me, “Same personality, just different issues.”  All I can say is, “Bring it on!”  I am so ready to make more memories and to have more firsts.

Carmencita V. Cava, RN, is a clinical nurse coordinator at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano for the Weight Loss Surgery Program and the Scoliosis and Spine Tumor Program. She is blessed with boy-girl twins.

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