Thursday, September 27, 2012

Learning by song

Growing up I remember those classes with the fun teachers that encouraged silly sayings or rhymes in order to help learn a concept.  In music class as a fifth grader, I remember learning “The 50 States that Rhyme.”  It was the best way to learn all 50 states in alphabetical order!  To this day, I can still sing that song which certainly comes in handy when playing any sort of trivia game that asks questions about states. 

Just recently, Preston, my four year old, came home from WeeSchool telling me about the first three books of the Bible - Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus.  I was impressed that he was already learning the books of the Bible, so I quickly pulled out our CD with songs about the Old and New Testaments.  He loved it!  Within days, he had already learned the books of the New Testament. 

It’s amazing that songs can make learning so much easier and so much fun!  And, to hear Preston sing the books of the Bible makes my heart smile.  I pray that learning God’s Word will always be this much fun for him.  Now, we’re moving on to the Old Testament song!

Julie Swink is a Sr. Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom of two.

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  1. Learning through singing was my favorite! I still put the 3 times table to the tune of "The Farmer in the Dell" and the 7 times table to "Silent Night." Thank you, Mrs. Tittle, whereever you are!