Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Mom needs a raise

My son lost his tie for school and is now in the process of paying me for the new one we had to buy. He is earning 25 cents per chore until he gets to $14. He’s been doing well at the chores I’ve given him, and I’m proud of how he’s stepped up. I had to laugh at a discussion we had Sunday night—he had the opportunity to earn a quarter by tidying up the living room.

T: “This chore is hard. I should get 50 cents for it instead of 25 cents."
Me: “Really? Why?”
T: “Because it’s hard work. It’s a lot of work to clean up this room.”
Me: (Sensing a teaching moment) “Hmmm….how much are you getting paid for cleaning up this room?”
T: (Confidently) “25 cents.”
Me: “How much do you think I get paid for cleaning up this room?”
T: (Cautiously) “Um…..nothing?”
Me: “Yeah. Nothing. Who do you think gets the better end of that deal?”
T: “Um…”
Me: “Yes, you.”
T: “OK.”

Amazing how quickly that end of the conversation ended. To his credit, T did a great job picking up the living room and tidying it up. But after that conversation, I doubt he’ll be telling me that he deserves to be paid more for something I do for “free.”

Later I caught him telling his sister to pick something up so he wouldn’t have to later. {Evil mommy laugh here}.

Mission accomplished. At least for now.

Reace Alvarenga-Smith is a Mom of two in the Dallas/Fort Worth area.

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