Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sense of Humor at 38 Weeks

Last weekend, right at 38 weeks, my husband and I strolled through Sam’s Club Warehouse, partially looking to make a decision on getting a membership and partially to see if we could get this kid moving into the “ready” position for birth with a little walking. What we came out with was a story I’m certain my husband will be sharing for years to come – as a matter of fact, it’s already “immortalized” on Facebook.

As we are strolling through the frozen foods testing samples, we come up this unassuming older lady with some frozen tortilla rolls.

She asks when I’m due. (I’ve long passed the point where people feel they need to wait for me to say something about baby to ask about my pregnancy.)

We say two weeks.

“Aww, you are having twins?”

Um, no, but thanks for that little boost of confidence in my appearance. What I really said was “No, just one,” trying to laugh it off (although I did throw away the tortilla roll, only partially because she hadn’t thawed them out).

My husband is trying very hard at this point to keep a straight face. I tell him this one incident is amusing enough to share on Facebook.

Before he can even reach for his phone, we’ve come to the older woman with the cream puffs. Oh, good, I love cream puffs.

Older woman: “Aww, when are you due?”

Again, two weeks.

“I bet you have it in a week . . . how many babies are in there?”

She did not get receive an answer. I walked away and told my husband “We can leave now.”

Really, two comments – in a row – from strangers at Sam’s who had just been told my due date that I must me having twins because of my size? That might be enough to send a hugely pregnant, hormonal woman into a rage.

Truth be told, as annoyed as I was, I will fully admit that might be one of the funniest, most surreal experiences of my pregnancy. And, really, if I can’t have a sense of humor at 38 weeks when I know I am carrying a large baby (sonogram and doctor confirmed), what’s the point?

Any other moms-to-be experience awkward pregnancy comments like this? How did you handle them?

Ashley Bearden is a full-time working soon-to-be Mommy after two and a half years of trying to get pregnant.

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  1. I can remember checking out at Michael's when I was really pregnant with my second daughter. "Wow, you look really uncomfortable," said the cashier. [shocked silence] Um, and you look really old and out of shape I wanted to say back. Of course, I didn't. Why do people think it's okay to say anything they want to pregnant women?