Tuesday, September 10, 2013

To Bow or Not to Bow!

Oh my, having two girls can be the most wonderful experience and the most outrageous experience!

Second week in to the new school year and my daughters were already fighting over who got to wear the new zebra print hair bow purchased at the elementary school’s Spirit Sale. 

Well of course, being the Mom I am, I purchased the bow with the pinstripes, the bow with the polka dots and the bow with the zebra print -- thinking, my sweet girls will just share the bows and switch out throughout the week. 

Little did I know that would NOT happen! 

It was a perfect Tuesday morning and everyone was waking up happy, picking out their own clothes and shoes.  I was in the kitchen packing very specific lunches and signing homework papers when the screaming began:

"Mom, Sissy has MY bow that YOU bought ME!  That is MY bow!"

I walked slowly to the room and went really, it’s come down to a bow you’re fighting for?!?  Now I can understand the last yogurt pop for the lunch bag or the last toaster strudel for breakfast...but a hair bow? 

As a working Mom, you just have to pick your battles and negotiate so you can actually get dressed, grab a yogurt for the road and get to work on time.

So I reasoned with them in the way that only girls can:

"Now Jenna, you're 9, and Livi you're 5, let’s act our age. Jenna, your shirt is grey and Livi yours is blue.  The polka dot bow is blue and the zebra bow has grey in it.  Now don’t you want to match your shirt to your bow?  How weird would it be if you went to school and didn’t match your bow to your shirt? The horror!"

With that said the sweeter exchange happened and everyone was okay, as long as the one that didn’t get the zebra print bow got it on Wednesday!

Whew…dodged another senseless getting-ready-for-work-and-school moment!

Happy school year, from one Mom to another!

Oh and BTW, the cheap barrette attached to the bow broke after two wears!  Really?!?

Jeanine Andersen works in Brand Management & Promotions for Texas Health Resources and is a Mom of two girly-girls. She also has three sisters.

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