Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cell phone safety: tips for parents

Does it seem like your teenager is glued to his or her cell phone?

Just as you'd support your teen's extracurricular activities, you should actively engage in his or her media use, said Dr. Rebecca Butler, pediatrician on the medical staff at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Denton.

"Teens and tweens have a limited capacity for self-regulation, so they can often fall into cyber bullying, over-reliance on the Internet for information and even sexually explicit texting," Dr. Butler said. "Families need to discuss a technology plan that includes meetings about common online topics, privacy controls and regular parental phone checks."

As you develop your home media rules, consider these tips:
  • Establish time limits for talking, texting, and Web-browsing.
  • Install content control software on phones and mobile devices.
  • Keep cell phones in a common location at home, especially at night.
  • Work with your carrier to obtain a detailed report of which numbers your children are connecting with and talk with your children about them.
How do you handle cell phone use with your teen/tween?

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