Thursday, October 3, 2013

Making Brown

Before I had kids I would have never imagined the immense joy I’d feel about…poop. Yes, you read correctly, poop. My older son, MDK, was born with imperforate anus that was discovered at birth and had to undergo surgery at day three of life to create one. Although it is not a life-threatening condition, it has dramatically altered our way of life in more ways than we ever expected.  I never appreciated that body part as much as I do now.

So, needless to say, MDK has been raised to know the importance and necessity of “making brown” every day. When we first moved into our new house and before I had the chance to meet our neighbors, MDK so gracefully introduced us to the neighborhood one Saturday morning. The weather was perfect outside so I opened all the windows in the house….including the window that I strategically had built in MDK’s bathroom. After his daily breakfast of oatmeal, milk and a heaping scoop of Miralax, he sat on the potty to make brown. My husband was on poop duty so he was close by to help MDK. I took the opportunity to run outside to meet the numerous neighbors who had congregated outside to chat. While exchanging hellos and quick introductions, I heard the loudest and most articulate shouting coming from my house, “MOMMY!!!! I MADE A BIG STINKY BROWN!!! HURRY!!!! COME LOOK AT IT!!!!” Ha! Welcome to my family new neighbors!

This year when MDK turned 4, he asked me why he has to always see the special doctor. I briefly explained that he was born without an anus so this kind doctor made one for him. Now we just go see the doctor often to make sure it is working well.

At his last follow up appointment, the doctor told him he was doing great and to keep pooping. MDK was ecstatic to hear that he was doing great. However, for whatever reason a 4 year old boy deems necessary, he decided to share his exciting news with his classmate’s mom. Unfortunately for him, that mother was not excited, and I don’t blame her! Well, there goes that play date. 

All jokes aside, at the end of the day I am just grateful that my son is healthy. Yes, it’s a pain when we constantly modify all activities and schedules to ensure that MDK makes brown by the end of the day.

But another way of looking at this situation is that as a family, we are very conscious of making healthy choices when buying groceries or eating out. My son knows that fresh fruits and vegetables are healthy and necessary for a good lifestyle, and especially necessary for him. He also knows that daily physical activities are another crucial aspect of life...and of getting the bowels moving. Now if only I can get him to understand that no one else besides his daddy, mommy and brother care about his bowel habits, then we’ll be ready for kindergarten next year!

Diem King, P.A., is a physician assistant with Texas Health Physicians Group, an entity affiliated with Texas Health Resources.

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