Friday, December 13, 2013

Baby's First Christmas

I’ve never been one to go all out for presents for little kids until they are old enough to really realize what’s going on. I figure between grandparents and others, little kids get enough “stuff” – and then some usually. But as my first Christmas as a Mom approaches, I find my head and heart are on two different pages.

My head: I want to stick with what I’ve always done for others. Our 12-week-old daughter has no actual material needs this Christmas. She still has yet to even really understand a rattle and she’s got several of those already. She’s got plenty of clothes. And honestly she’s not going to understand what’s happening anyway.

My heart: But it’s her first Christmas! Shouldn’t there be a picture of her with the most perfect and meaningful first present from her loving parents? What will she think if she sees photos and her only presents come from the grandparents who I know aren’t planning to listen when we say she doesn’t need anything? I will admit some of this is probably coming from the dreaded Mommy guilt as I have returned to work.

In the end, I think my head and heart are both going to win. I’ve taken the week off and plan to spend the whole time with her making great Christmas memories, for me anyway. But even if she doesn’t remember I can reflect back on my memories and tell her stories for years to come. On the present side she might get a small lovey or something like that in the hopes that it will become a treasured keepsake (with a spare hidden in Mommy’s closet just in case). But beyond that we’ll save our pennies for Christmases future when she’s more into the whole event.

Am I too much of a Scrooge? How did you handle your child’s first Christmas?

Jennifer Erickson is a Sr. Communications Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom to a 12-week-old daughter who is all she wants for Christmas this year.

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