Tuesday, December 24, 2013

What my toddler really wants for Christmas

Jake, my 2-year-old, is finally old enough to kind of understand Christmas. He can successfully identify Santa, he’s obsessed with watching How the Grinch Stole Christmas (Jim Carrey version), and every time we drive past one of the many flamboyantly lit-up houses in our neighborhood he points and exclaims “Christmas!”

But when you ask him whether he wants to open presents on Christmas morning, he shakes his head no. I’m not sure why. I can only guess it’s because he suspects his parents will be oh-so-unoriginal and gift things like Mega Blocks and Fisher Price doodads and not anything he really wants.

Here’s what I think Jake would really want for Christmas:

Unlimited bath time
If he could, he'd live in the bathtub.

A light switch
On. Off. On. Off. I’m telling you, this never gets old for him. The joys they can find in the simplest things.

Everything in his brother’s room
Balls of all different sports, a tennis racket, pencils, dirty socks…it doesn’t matter what it is, if it’s from his 13-year-old brother’s room, it’s a precious treasure.

A computer chair
He just loves these things. It swivels, it spins, he can sit underneath and pretend he’s in a rocket ship or whatever it is he’s pretending here in this photo. The fascination is a no-brainer.

Cat toys
Whenever we visit Grandma and Grandpa’s house, he goes straight for the cat toys. Cat nowhere to be found (because she’s terrified of the toddler and hiding under a bed)? No problem. These are just as fun to play with alone.

Actually, Jake is quite happy-go-lucky and will be thrilled with whatever gifts await him tomorrow morning. (Besides, he already has a bunch of light switches to play with, if only he could reach them all.)

And me? The best gift I could get is to witness my boys laugh and squeal with the excitement of the holiday. Their happiness is my happiness.

Merry Christmas Eve to you and your family!

Megan Brooks is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist with Texas Health Resources, Stepmom to a teen and Mom to a toddler.

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