Monday, October 18, 2010

A baby story

Whitney Wells, now 13 months old
Would you give birth on national television?

A little over a year ago, first-time parents and high school sweethearts Katy and Jimmy Wells were brave enough to invite a national television show into their lives and into their delivery room at Texas Health Arlington Memorial Hospital.

A film crew from The Learning Channel's "A Baby Story" show documented the young Arlington couple's journey through the last few days of pregnancy and the roller coaster of labor and delivery.

Their story will air again today at 1:30 p.m. (12:30 central time) on TLC.

I recently caught up with Katy Wells and asked her to reflect on motherhood and the experience of giving birth on national television, now that more than a year has passed:

What was it like having your first baby's childbirth filmed for national television?
Having my first child born in front of the entire world was A LOT of pressure! I knew that a lot of people would be watching the show, and I didn't want to make a fool of myself. I was nervous about the film crew videoing parts of me that I didn't want to share with the world (if you know what I mean) hee hee! I was pleased with what they put on T.V. (very G rated). I am so glad that I have the birth of Whitney documented. I know that Whitney will LOVE watching it when she's older.

Katy and Jimmy Wells on the day of delivery
What did your family think about it?
My family was not surprised that we were picked for the show. Jimmy and I are very outgoing, and neither of us have a shy bone in us. They were excited for us, and very supportive.

At any point did you have second thoughts about the cameras being there?
The show was 25 minutes, and they filmed 30 hours of footage. There were several times I had second thoughts, but in the end I was glad that I let "A Baby Story" tell our story.

Are you going to show Whitney the episode when she's older?
I will most definitely show Whitney her television debut! She will be able to tell all of her friends that she was on national television. Whitney is such a fun, loving, outgoing little girl, I am sure she will want to show all of her friends. When she becomes a teenager, she might be a little embarrassed because she was completely naked on National T.V. Most kids can't say they've been on T.V. Our sweet girl will be able to.

proud papa Jimmy Wells
How are you liking motherhood?
I LOVE motherhood. I was very nervous about becoming a first time mom. I thought I would do everything wrong. Everyone told me that it will all come naturally, and it has. We are very blessed to have such an easy child. I know that things will get tougher as she gets older, but I cannot imagine my life without her in it. She completes our family.

What would you say is the best piece of advice you could give to new moms?
If I could give advice to new mothers, I would have to say...Enjoy every minute...They change so much. Treasure the time you have with your little one, because they won't be little forever. Always tell your child that you love them and give them big hugs and kisses (even if they push you away)...Trust your instincts, mothers are usually right when it comes to their little ones.

Here are a few more photos showing the many faces of now 13-month-old Miss Whitney Wells, who seems to already be as outgoing, personable and expressive as her parents!

Thank you, Katy, for catching up with us and for sharing your story.

Megan Brooks
Senior PR Specialist
Texas Health Resources

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