Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's Time!

If you have been anywhere around Arlington, Texas within the last week or two you know what "It's Time!" means. Our beloved Texas Rangers are going to the World Series. Leading up to this historic win, you started to see banners all over the city that said “Go Rangers, It’s Time!”

Now, I will confess to you that I am not a big baseball fan, but of course when the team kept winning and people around me, on the news, on Facebook and everywhere else kept talking about what a big deal this was, I did start to pay attention. One thing I did know was that my youngest stepson, Nathan, is a baseball fan.

During game number five I had already gone to bed and my husband was staying up to watch the game. Just as I started to drift off I hear my husband on the phone, which stirs me from my journey to slumber. I hear him saying things like “confirmation” and “refund” and “if they don’t play” and I think what is he doing? I confront him after he hangs up and my suspicion was true -- he was on the phone buying two World Series tickets!

“It’s on my bucket list, honey! They weren’t that expensive,” he says.

Okay, what do you say to that? Then he asks me, "Don’t you want to go?" Isn’t that a great way to get out of trouble? To act like he bought them for us, LOL? I look at him sleepy-eyed and reply “No, not really.” And that is when I suggested he take Nathan, which he thought was a great idea. Of course he cannot keep something like this a secret and had to talk it over with him this past weekend.

In case you forgot, I have TWO stepsons. Josh, the 13-year-old was none too thrilled that his little brother was going to the World Series. Of course we talked with him about the fact that he didn’t even like baseball and we would try to take him to a NBA Final game or maybe even a Super Bowl (that is until we saw the Super Bowl ticket price).

As I reflected about my choice to tell him to take Nathan (other than the fact that I really didn’t have any interest) I realized I was a lot like my own mother. And ladies, don’t we often realize that as each day goes on and we hear our mother’s words come out of our mouth? I am an only child and to say the least a daddy’s girl. This is because my mom continually created special moments for my dad and me to go do things together. I see myself do this with both boys in different ways such as suggesting Nathan go with Brett to the game and even having them both have their own designated night with dad during the week.

So, even with all of this excitement (and complaining from the 13-year-old) we still have to stick to bedtimes and studying spelling words until they get to attend game three of the series this Saturday. I hope they are able to get some sleep!

Makala Pollard
Sr. Marketing Specialist

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  1. Each child is unique and has his own personality,interests,motivations and problems.
    As my pre-schooler once so innocently told me: "Mom, did you know I am a person too. I am just a little person." Sometimes we just need to be reminded that children deserve the same individual consideration and attention that we so often reserve for adults.