Thursday, October 21, 2010

What's for dinner?

I have a certain number of things I must get done on the weekends in order for my week to start well.

That list includes catching up on laundry, buying groceries and cleaning the house. If I manage to get all of these done by the time Monday rolls around I am in a good frame of mind. I have always said that if my house is out of order then my whole week will be out of order, and that isn’t good for anyone!

However, one thing that always seems to pop in my head on Monday morning while I am driving to work is “what’s for dinner?”

Let me say that I do have it pretty well in that I technically plan something to cook for three, sometimes four nights of the week. Josh comes down on Monday and Thursday nights and Nathan on Wednesdays. When the boys are not there, I often look at my husband and say “you’re good with a sandwich, right?” That or “where are you taking me for dinner?”

So, why is it so difficult for me to come up with meals for only a few nights out of the week? The other kicker is that I really like to cook, so why do I seem to face this question every Monday?

I will add that this time of year is the busiest for me at work, so often by the time I get home the question of “what’s for dinner?” is met with a look on my face that needs no explanation. I’ve worked all day, sat in traffic, gone to the gym (if I manage to squeeze that in) and now I get to cook. Sigh.

Of course when I do cook I have criteria that have to be met such as:

1. What’s in the fridge?
2. What’s in my pantry?
3. Can I make something healthy?
4. What will they eat that is healthy AND tastes good?

What I can tell you is that the crock pot/slow cooker is my friend. Let’s face it, it isn’t too much to go home and throw a couple of sides together once you have your main dish already done. One good thing about fall is it is perfect for good soup or chili recipes (again, the slow cooker!). And if I am really playing the convenience card, those take and bake pizzas aren’t bad either.

So here’s my question: any of you have any fast and easy recipes that you can share? Because when I walk through the door tonight the first question will be “what’s for dinner?”

Makala Pollard
Sr. Marketing Specialist


  1. Go to 'Recipes', 'Dinner' and then '1 bag, 5 dinners.' You get a shopping list for 4 meals, plus a suggestion for mac and cheese or pizza the 5th night. It's great because I never find out I'm missing an ingredient thanks to the shopping list, they're all fast ideas, and my family really does like most of them. Our favorite is bag5 under chicken and beef. We also love the cheesy salsa mini meatloaves recipe, and you can make them ahead of time. Good luck!

  2. this has become my one of my families favorites and is quick and easy!