Friday, September 2, 2011

Maybe Baby: finally, some good news!

This is the continuation of Makala Pollard’s series documenting a journey through the ups and downs of infertility and trying to conceive. Follow her story through journal entries beginning last year and leading up to today. To see previous entries click here.  

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hello, friends. When I left off last time I was nearing the end of all of the screening and testing in order to determine what my treatment options were. I went in for my appointment and they drew more blood, this time for an FSH test. The results of this test need to be below 10. If they came back over 20 in-vitro would be a no-go because this would mean that I would not respond to the follicle stimulating drugs. If you don’t respond to the drugs, you don’t produce eggs that they can retrieve for the IVF process. 

My doctor also wanted to do another ultrasound since I was in day three of my cycle so she could see if I had any follicles. I had one on the right ovary, and two on the left. Of course she would like to see more but we know I have some issues, that is why I am there! She also gave me my results of the fragile X testing which were negative. Thank goodness! That could have also halted our efforts since that is a gene mutation that could have indicated mental retardation and other potential disabilities.

Brett couldn’t make this appointment because he was actually working the floor on the unit. Luckily, I had my BFF come over since she works there. I’d recommend having someone with you, it seems to help. Even if you think oh I’m fine, I don’t need anyone to come with me -- trust me, you do. I joked with her and told her she could be my stand-in since Brett was stuck at work. 

As I was leaving my doctor told me she would call with my results of the FSH test later that afternoon. As usual, I went home and started to research everything I could about FSH test, FSH results, what it means with regard to in-vitro, etc. Then the call came. I had prepared myself for the worst. I mean, my AMH was “scary low” remember?  I figured I better not get my hopes up on this one. 

But, finally some good news! My FSH was 8.77. What a great number! I finally have some kind of positive indications! What’s next?  Surgery. I’ll have my fibroid and cyst removed in late January. And in March 2011 we will give IVF a shot. 

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well, here I am one week post op and starting to feel normal. We got up at 5 AM, I brushed my teeth, washed my face, got dressed and we headed to the hospital. There was construction at the front entrance but luckily they had the nicest, sweetest volunteer named Bob to help me find where I needed to go. They settled me in to room nine (my lucky number) and we hung out and watched the morning news.

The time passed, my IV was started on the first try and then they rolled me to surgery to the kissing zone -- that’s where your loved ones have to kiss you and tell you they love you because they can’t go any further. After hanging out in there for a while and telling the anesthesiologist that I had trouble with nausea after surgery, the last thing I vaguely remember was scooting from the bed to the surgical table. The next thing I recall is slowly waking up in recovery. Such an odd feeling coming out of anesthesia. I always feel like I am struggling to open my eyes and can’t!

Next thing I knew I was back in my room with Brett and he was feeding me crackers and Sprite. They wouldn’t let me leave until I peed so once I did that Brett was helping me get dressed and going to get the car. The rest of Thursday was a bit of a blur. My wonderful hubby took great care of me and kept my Vicoden on board so the pain was minimal. Only issues I have had is that darn anesthesia hangover as I like to call it. I seem to hit a wall at a point in the day and either get really physically tired or get really mentally tired and can’t think anymore. But, that has gotten much better with each day that goes by. Next step is my follow up with Dr. Nackley.

Until then!

Makala Pollard is a Senior Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Stepmom to two boys.

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