Friday, December 2, 2011

Car craze

I cannot believe my baby boy turns 4 years old next month! It seems like only yesterday that I was carrying him in my tummy. Now he's a little boy who says and does little boy things - with a particular love of automobiles.

When I say Dylan loves automobiles, I mean L-O-V-E-S them. And I'm not just talking about the toy cars he carries around or the characters from that infamous movie. He knows all the actual makes and models. For example, any time we are in my car, he names all the vehicles we drive past: "Toyota Corolla... Honda Odyssey... Nissan Ultima...Buick LaSabre..." Yes, he even knows Buicks.

At one year old, one of his first words was "bus." Man, he could spot a bus miles away! And I think everyone under the sun gave him bus paraphernalia, so we were never without a yellow school bus - ever.

When he was two, his favorite book was Hot Rods, a 50-page book with pictures and stats for 25 cars - all of which he memorized AND recited. (Did I mention that the names of the cars included Koenigsegg, Lamborghini Murcielago and Pagani Zanda?!?!)

At three, we took him to his first car show at Texas Motor Speedway and we thought he was going to come unglued. I think the most fun was witnessing the expression on his face as he watched several stock cars race around the track at lightening speed. And with hundreds of cars lined up and down the field for show, he didn't know where to begin looking!

This month, one of his favorite books is the American Automobile Encyclopedia. At this point in his life, he says he prefers the modern cars to the classic cars, so we end up skipping numerous pages. But I have a feeling that it won't be long before he's interested in the history of cars, too.

Overall, I'm proud of my little guy's passion for automobiles and cannot wait to see what the next year brings. Who knows, maybe one day he'll design his own modern car! In the meantime, I'm learning an awful lot about automobiles and enjoying this experience with my son.

Does your child have a particular focus that has broadened your horizons?

Mandy Forbus is a Sr. Marketing Specialist at Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Hurst Euless Bedford,  and mother of two.

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