Monday, December 26, 2011

Not a Crafty Momma

I’m not a crafty Momma. Well, perhaps I should rephrase that, lest someone attempt to call dispute that.

I do counted cross-stitch when I can; I can make simple projects on the sewing machine. I enjoy both of those things very much, but I find I don't often have the time I'd like to devote to it (ask me about the 6 unfinished baby blankets in my dining room).

However, I'm not a "Scrapbook-crafty" Momma. I have eleventy-seven gajillion (yes, I’ve counted) pictures of my kids. Most are still in digital form, and believe it or not, I enjoy going through them often on my computer. I do not, however, have the beautiful and adorable scrapbooks that I see other Mommies keeping for their angels. Honestly, Sam's baby book is not anywhere close to complete—which reminds me, I need to add stats from his last couple well-checks.

Even simple scrapbook-y projects eventually elude me. When Bryan and I were engaged, I started a "birthday album" for Jacob and Caleb. I printed out pictures from their birthdays - cake, presents, etc. - to put in photo albums for each of them. Very simple albums, no page embellishments, just picture and handwritten caption—I think they were last added to about 3 birthdays (each) ago. . .

So, sorry boys, there won't be a wonderfully artistic reminder of your lives for you to enjoy when you get older.

Or will there? I may not be a scrapbooker, but I write pretty decently. And I want to remember the funny things the boys say and do, and the amazing things they learn so quickly. When Bryan set up a blog for me (and when I actually started using it...), it became a sort of digital scrapbook for me. I record milestones, birthday stories, Hanukkah and Christmas pictures and stories, and any other funny stories that happen in our lives. (Believe me, with 4 boys in the house, there are PLENTY of funny stories…who knew bodily functions could be so humorous?) And, when I remember to do it, I can send links to family and friends (who aren't on Facebook or Twitter to see the new posts pop up) to keep them updated on the fabulous-ness that is my life in a house full of boys. And even though they occasionally protest at the funny stories I post (Caleb wasn’t too fond of me posting about how he fell asleep in his closet, and Jacob wasn’t too happy that I posted about him letting a friend’s little sister paint his fingernails), they do ask about new stories I’ve written and they like to see their names in “print.” (Hey, who doesn’t?)

So, no, I'm not a Crafty Momma. But I think our family memories will still be preserved in a way that's meaningful to us. What about you? Are you a Crafty Momma? How do you record holiday memories, big accomplishments, or firsts?

Julie Daneman is wife to Bryan, Stepmom to Jacob and Caleb, and Mommy to Sam. They are a boisterous, loving, happy interfaith family.

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