Monday, May 7, 2012

13 Weeks and Baby is it Hot Outside!

I am officially in my second trimester…woo hoo!  Well, let’s hold off on the hoo for now.  My nausea is much better, but not completely gone.  The slightest thing can get it going; from bad breath (my own), to just thinking about eating chicken, beef, or pork.  It is the grain of the actual meat that sends me heaving.  Shred it up or grind it up and we have a party!

Now let’s talk about this heat.  I do realize I am not the first pregnant person to go through this heat, but it certainly feels like it!  You see, my son plays for a local sport’s youth team, and wanted anything more than to have his birthday party at one of their games this year.

So, being the wonderful mother that I am, I coordinated this event with the help of my husband.  Easy right?  Just call them up and say “I want one of the birthday packages.”  Not so easy.  Through the disorganization of it all, we were able to celebrate this past weekend with my son and 11 of his teammates.  Did I mention they are 9?  I tell myself every year, “next year we get a couple of his friends and go a movie and have a sleepover.”

We reserved seats in the all-you-can-eat section of the stadium thinking this would alleviate many of the “I want nachos,” “I want a hot dog,” and “I want another drink” requests throughout the game.  Word of advice - 9 year olds hear “all-you-can-eat” and they see this as a challenge, not a convenience.

Luckily, the few lucky parents that accompanied their kids were immediately drafted to become a kid wrangler.  I was stationed with the kids in the stadium seats.  My husband, stationed at the top of the stairs to make sure they didn’t leave the pen.  Another Dad seated behind me so he could be the eyes in the back of my head.  A Mom who showed up at just the right moment, when the cake was brought out, helped my poor husband cut this cake with a plastic Solo knife.  A wonderful 10 year old who was a wonderful help in wrangling these boys.  And some wonderful friends that when I thought I was just too exhausted to take that last picture, helped position the boys and get them to smile together (without bunny ears, or tongues sticking out) before they went home.  So all this sounds like a typical birthday party, right?  Let me add that it was upwards of 80, maybe 90 something degrees (it felt like 100), and probably bordering 198% humidity.  Oh yeah, and I’m pregnant, but not so pregnant that people look at me and think “oh look at that wonderful Mother doing this for her son in her state.”  It’s more like “that woman with the beer belly can’t get these kids under control.”

Ok, so the kids weren’t that bad.  They are 9 after all.  And they are boys at a testosterone-filled sports event.  My son had a blast, and I think his friends did too.  The tiredness, sweat, and tiredness was all worth it.  The smile on his face as he received an autographed soccer ball and was featured on the jumbo tron was priceless.

After all, it is his last year celebrating by himself.  I can still focus all of my attention on just him.  Next year, all bets are off.  We are grabbing a couple of friends, going to a movie, and doing a sleepover.

Janet Fragle works in customer engagement for innovative technology solutions at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital Plano.

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