Thursday, May 10, 2012

Babies do some quirky things

When it comes to parents describing their children and those similarities to themselves, some use the phrase, “spitting image.” I’m waiting for the day when I can proudly say that about my baby girl. But until then, I’ll just embrace some of her quirky habits, because she gets a lot of them from me.

Our little munchkin is such a little lady; at least that’s how my husband sometimes describes her. Mostly, she’s simply, “Daddy’s little angel,” no matter how she’s acting. In any case, every time she eats her meals (and sometimes while she’s nestled in our laps), she’ll cross her lower legs together. I do the exact same thing, and didn’t even realize it until my husband pointed it out to me. And then when she really likes a meal, she’ll start humming and moving her foot (or feet) up and down, left to right. I’m ashamed to admit it, but I do the exact same thing when I eat a scrumptious meal.

Now, she definitely has some actions that are all her own. Let me preface this by saying she was born on May 18, and for those who are familiar with Zodiac signs, you’ll know that is a birth date for a Taurus (the bull). My little girl can be so sweet (giving hugs and slobbery kisses) and other times she can be extremely stubborn. When she doesn’t get her way, she will pull away and even throw a fit. She’s nowhere near the so-called “terrible two’s,” so me and the hubby are trying to nip this behavior in the bud, real quick.

But on to more pleasant matters, my baby girl loves music – just like her mommy and daddy. Years ago, I used to play the oboe and violin. But the last time I picked up my violin, (about five years ago), it sounded like cats screaming in pain. I don’t want to scare her, so I think I’ll practice a little bit when she’s not around before subjecting her to my now mediocre violin-playing skills.

Excluding me on the violin, when Nandi hears real music, she’ll stop and smile and bob her head from side to side. When she’s really feeling a particular selection, her entire body starts gyrating. She loves reggae and it seems country music, too. She and my husband were watching Cars 2 recently and when the closing credits came up and the country song “Collision of Worlds” started, she went buck wild. Her left leg started twitching like James Brown and Elvis Presley and then she started moving her little hips back and forth like nobody’s business. All I could do was laugh as she danced herself silly, squealing and banging her hands on our coffee table.

Like a good daughter with parents who live out-of-state, I keep them updated on Nandi’s developments. During one conversation I remember my parents saying, “When ‘Soul Train’ came on, you used to hold on to the coffee table and wiggle your rear end to the beat of the music.” Well, like mother, like daughter. I told them how their granddaughter enjoys rocking to the beat; and although they find it entertaining, they’re not the least bit surprised. 

And when it comes to hygiene, my little one is fascinated with toothbrushes and toothpaste. Whenever we brush our teeth, she will stop what she’s doing and stare in amazement. Then when it’s time to brush her own three-and-a half teeth, she readily opens her mouth and sucks on her brush, contentedly kicking her legs. And just to make sure I get each tooth, her gums and tongue, she’ll guide my hand with the brush. Oh, she can be extremely helpful when we do something she enjoys.

So, when folks see Nandi and immediately tell me she looks like her Daddy, I’ll just take comfort in knowing  that I can take credit for a lot of her quirky behavior and amusing antics.

Chandra Caradine is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources

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