Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Baby Years are Over

As I write this, my daughter H. is in her last week of daycare. She is on her way to camp in a couple of weeks and then on to kindergarten.

My friends are concerned. "It must be so sad to see her grow up!"

Um. No.

Really. Maybe I'm weird. (OK, I am, but that's alright.)

But you know what, I'm excited for her. She's ready for this next stage in life. I don't want to deny her any level of happiness as she faces this new adventure. She's going to kindergarten! She's going to big girl school! How exciting!

No, she's not a baby anymore. But that's how life goes. I want my kids to grow up and move on to the next stage. They work hard to get there and I want to cheer them on as they move on. After all, as their Mom I helped them get there (with the help of a phenomenal daycare, family, school and friends). This is a victory for our entire family, not just the child. But the child should get center stage.

Maybe I am missing something for not mourning that my babies are growing up. I was never big on the baby stage anyway. I find the kids much more interesting at this age, where we can have conversations around serious topics, understand jokes, and really communicate.

I'm looking forward to the next stage. It's going to bring its own challenges and fun. We'll face all that together. My kids are growing up--that's what they're supposed to do. As a Mom, my job is to equip them for the next phase. Let's celebrate that!

Am I the only one out there that feels that way? Anyone?

Reace Alvarenga-Smith is a Mom of two in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, including H who recently lost her first tooth - more proof that she's growing up.

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