Monday, May 28, 2012

Cherishing milestones

Recently, my daughter made her First Holy Communion, a major milestone in the Catholic faith and like many other Catholic families, we witnessed a beautiful church ceremony and then went home to celebrate with all of our family members and close friends. 

After everyone had gone home, I sat (for the first time that day) and reviewed all the moments that had made the day so special. My thoughts repeatedly led me back to my own mother and how this day would not have been as special without her. Going through this process, as a parent this time, really opened my eyes to all the sacrifices my mom made for me and my siblings to ensure that we were properly prepared for this milestone.

I began to think of the three little white handmade gowns and that one brilliant little black suit and all the preparation she put into making each time perfect. This meant postponing her version of Real Housewives of Wherever and skipping book club with her favorite girlfriends to review prayers, Bible stories and practicing the proper way to receive communion…over and over again! Four times she did this and each year her enthusiasm was as if the experience was brand new.

It made me realize that it meant so much more than us reaching this milestone (which is a big deal in itself), it meant instilling in her children the importance of raising a family based on faith and strong values.

Because it was so important to her, it has become important to me and I can only hope to have the same effect on my daughter.

What traditions in your family stem from your mother? How do you hope to pass them on to your children?

Nikki Hall-Branch is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom to one daughter.

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