Monday, October 1, 2012

Terrible (and terrific) Twos

The terrible twos are definitely in firm residence at my house. And while it's incredibly challenging at times - my living room is still sans most toys right now, thanks to the last big meltdown - I'm also learning that (like all other developmental stages have been), Sam's a WHOLE lot of fun right now.

Sam loves sports. He loves watching sports on tv, watching his brothers play baseball and basketball, and "playing" them himself.  (Right now, he's running himself ragged bouncing Jacob's basketball all over the downstairs. He probably dribbles better than I do.)

He tells us what he's doing: "I going to baseball practice." or "I go to pay basketball now." (On a related note, he also plays pretend quite a bit now.)

Sometimes he tells us what to do: "Mommy, get out the chair and pay basketball wif me." (Clearly he already knows the importance of exercise.)

Sometimes he does both: "I eating right now. Pease leave me 'lone." (At least he said please?)

Sam also is beginning to make some amazing connections in that fast-growing mind of his. A couple of nights ago at dinner, he said, "I no have a baby in my belly." Daddy and I gaped at each other. "No, Sam, you don't have a baby in your belly." Sam then continued on with, "Miss Katie have a baby in her belly." (Miss Katie is one of the teachers at his school who is very pregnant.) "Yes, Miss Katie has a baby in her belly," I said. Then Sam cut his eyes at MY belly. I cut him off at the pass, "No, Sam, Mommy does NOT have a baby in her belly."

That evening as he was getting PJs on, Sam reminded me, "Mommy no have a baby in your belly." I said I did not, and he continued with, "Mommy USED to have a baby in her belly." (Yeah - that one stopped me in my tracks.) "Yes, I did, Sam. YOU!" He thought that was hilarious.

Most days now Sam can tell us at least a little about what he's done in school. And he SINGS! Oh, the singing concerts we have, complete with microphone and dancing.

So, yes, we have our VERY challenging days and the days when I just want to put a pillowcase over my head and pretend I don't hear the whining and temper tantrums. But we have even more days where he charms me and makes me laugh a fully belly laugh with him. Sam is turning into such a funny little person, and I can't wait to see what comes next.

What was your favorite stage?

Julie Daneman is wife to Bryan, Stepmom to Jacob and Caleb, and Mommy to Sam. They are a boisterous, loving, happy interfaith family.

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