Thursday, October 25, 2012

Toddler playback

Watching toddlers learn is absolutely amazing.  They are sponges that soak in their surroundings.
Emory just turned two and is a ball full of energy and fun.  She strives to keep up with her big brother, and she repeats everything she hears.   She learns through teaching and through observation.  This video is a prime example of both.

“What’s that all about?” apparently comes out of my mouth more often than I realized.  It’s funny how a toddler can pick up on our interesting phrases.

Another one that Emory has called me on recently is, “Don’t be bossy, Mama.”  I think she must have been told that a few times!

What phrase has your toddler brought to your attention?

Julie Swink is a Sr. Marketing Specialist for Texas Health Resources and Mom of two.

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