Wednesday, October 3, 2012

What to bring to the hospital

I recently helped host a baby shower. I had an off-the-wall idea for a hostess gift inspired by memories of one of the (many) things I felt clueless about: what do I really need to bring to the hospital when the baby is ready to make his grand entrance? So I got a cute baby bag and filled it with items she might find helpful and may not have thought about packing.

I remember during my third trimester I found a random blog entry on the topic, and the comments section was brimming with tell-alls about what was helpful, sparing no gory detail. I remember thinking, this is gold, I need to print this whole thing and bring it to the store.

So I thought maybe this gift would serve twofold: it would give the Mama-to-be a starting point with her hospital bag, and it might spark conversation among shower attendees about what was helpful for them.

Here’s what was included in the bag:

Baby nail clippers
Baby mittens and socks
non-slip headbands and hair ties
Tucks medicated wipes
Medela nipple cream
Aloe vera face wipes
Giant pads
Socks (for mom)
Nice toilet paper
Nursing pads
An extra bag to bring home items from the hospital and gifts people bring to you
Dermoplast spray
notebook and pen to write down eating times/diaper changes
hand sanitizer (for people who want to hold the baby)
breath mints
Other goodies I didn't include but told her to bring: comfy maternity or stretchy pajama pants, nursing bras, boppy pillow or My Breast Friend, and a going home outfit for baby.

What items were helpful for you? What do you wish you would have packed in your hospital bag?

Megan Brooks is a Sr. Public Relations Specialist for Texas Health Resources, Stepmom to a 12-year-old, and Mom to a 10-month-old. She wishes she would have brought Tums to the hospital.

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