Thursday, October 4, 2012

Waiting on the phone

The day I found out about the girls (Olivia & Claire) leaving, I also learned that we may be receiving a 15-month-old little girl who was coming from an unfortunate situation.

I was cautioned there were grandparents who lived in New York who wanted their granddaughter who was removed by CPS and at the next court hearing, we would know if the grandparents wanted to go through a home study and begin the process of a kinship placement. If the grandparents didn’t voice their desire, she’d be at my front door step in a matter of hours or days after the court hearing.

Sometimes, these kinds of things can drag on forever or you only get a one-hour notice. One thing I have learned, I am not always in control.

We waited two weeks until the court hearing; these two weeks were filled with crazy emotions including the upsetting removal of our girls and the possible acceptance of another little girl. I have started my own little mantra of assuring each child that their past does not define their future.  No matter their age, life experiences, socioeconomic status, they have the power to change their future. They can be the good in the world they want to see.  I know it sounds silly to say to a three year old or maybe even a one year old but in my heart; those few words give me peace.

The day of the court hearing came and went. We heard nothing from either case worker assigned to the case. Not a text, not an email, or a phone call. We guessed, and we were right, that the grandparents came forward.  In my heart, this was the best thing for the little girl. I was happy to know that even if we were not chosen, she will be going to her grandparents and would not have to remain in foster care much longer.

So, as I sit here typing this blog. We have jumped up, dusted our selves off and hopped back on the open list for another placement.  We are once again, waiting for the phone call again to ring on my cell phone and we will go on a new and different journey together in which we hope will one day lead her to a forever family with us. We know she’s out there; it’s a matter of time before we are introduced.

Christy Benson is director of Clinical Informatics Analysis & Measurement for Texas Health Resources, Mom to two boys and foster Mom waiting for the phone to ring.

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